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The translation techniques used here can be justly considered as a transfer of your ideas into the cultural space of your future clients. Consequently, the efficiency of your message is preserved because it adapts to the expectations of your targeted customers.

In order to guarantee the best quality, it seems necessary to me to cover one’s ego with the veil of humility, and agree to have one’s work revised. For that reason, and as long as our confidentiality agreement is preserved, I trust the expertise of other professionals who revise my translations (when in their mother tongues).

Consequently, whatever be the size and nature of the text you submit, you will be ensured to receive a work of good quality, turned in within reasonable time limits. You will be informed of the deadlines beforehand and they will be explained to you if you need more details.
Translation Services
Commercial translations [booklets, etc.]
Technical translations [notices, company magazines, etc.]
Literary translation [poetic works, essays, articles, etc.]
Translation of documents [mail, dossiers, etc.]
Translation in the following formats : .doc (.docx), .pdf, .xps, .xls (.xlsx), .xml, etc.
Electronic Localization [websites, video games, etc.]
For more details, please read what follows.
Other types of translation are available. You are very welcome to contact me so we can discuss all the details. An estimate will be sent to you as early as possible.
Electronic Localization .::. Website Translations
When localizing websites, I also handle technical aspects.
  .:: Translation of texts on images and legends (alt="legend")
  .:: Translation of HTML code and scripts
  .:: Optimization of your webpage layout after translation
  .:: Depending on your needs, other services can also be suggested to you ; such as the optimization of your keywords for submission to search engines as Yahoo! and Google.
This website illustrates those various points. I personally took care of the technical aspects and improved the graphics.